Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Snacks with Gancia Prosecco

Everything came together easily for this #LetsLunch post, Summer Snacks with Bubbly. I didn't have to cook anything from scratch, it was a matter of gathering and working out what goes with what. For me, it's always about flavor, texture and color. My handpainted ceramic tray was perfect to present these Summer Snacks.
Happy 2nd anniversary to #LetsLunch and thanks to Cheryl Tan for organizing this monthly Twitter 'lunchdate". It's fun to be part of your lovely group and learn how others come up with their dishes. Please visit other #LetsLunch links below...

Snack 1:
Grilled Hoisin Pork Shoulder, Mango and Pineapple Salsa, Figs
I used pork shoulder instead of my usual ribs as I was experimenting this dish for a foodies pot luck gathering. It was a perfect 'snack' to serve cold and thinly sliced with a dollop of its juice. The juice had gelled after refrigeration overnight (I thought of heating it up but would have been too runny.) Because of its sweetness from the hoisin sauce, I needed a bit of tartness to contrast its flavor. Well, I had made a mango, pineapple chayote, shallot, grape tomato salsa. All the salsa had in it was a little salt, lime juice and rice wine vinegar. Since the dish had 3 compartments, I filled the last one with fresh sliced figs to make it look good. But, after taking the shots, I put the fig on the sliced pork and they were a perfect combination!

Snack 2:
Grilled Tamari Tempeh, Ginger Dressing, Kimchi, Kiwi
The tempeh was slathered with tamari and truffle olive oil and grilled to give it texture and color. Tempeh on its own tends to be a bit dry, so I put a little Makoto Ginger Dressing in my square spoon I got from CB2, finally got to use it. The kimchi went really well with the tempeh and kiwi dressed up the plate and a little tart and refreshing bite.
Snack 3:
Walnuts, Crispy Goji Berries, Kasugai Peanuts
These kind of snackies go so well with bubbly. I brought back these Kasugai Peanuts and Crispy Goji Berries from Hong Kong. Goji were EXPENSIVE but delicious and very addictive. More about both here.
Snack 4:
Cold Baby Portobello Mushrooms
I simply stir fried baby portobello mushrooms and added a sprinkle of lime juice and tamari. I love mushrooms in all shapes and sizes, dried or fresh. A few foodie bloggers talked about having a mushroom gathering.

Chilled Gancia Prosecco
I love bubbly, it goes with EVERYTHING especially Asian food. It's light and not too sweet, I was introduced to pairing Asian food with prosecco/champagne by a wine supplier. Those champagne flutes were hand painted by an artist friend and were in our goodie bags at a wedding! What a great idea.

Here's a wonderful story about how the first Italian prosecco got started.

I obviously ate the props!

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