Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year, New Site!

Hi, if you've landed here, I've moved my blog to my new and rebranded website, so PLEASE visit me at!

This will be the last post here...
I was invited by NBC Miami to celebrate Chinese New Year with their audience and thought you might enjoy some funny things that happened and the three lessons I learned:
– check lists are only good if you actually check them
– sisters are helpful except when their shots are of producer’s backs
– you can’t always trust your GPS

Thanks to Betty Yu, news reporter for NBC Miami for hooking me up with the producer for the Today Weekend Sunday Show to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Jennifer Reeves, meteorologist made my cooking segment so much FUN! She’s the BEST, got right to my cooking classes and Wok Star Kit, what a STAR!

I got Jennifer to stir fry and had to apologize because she had to use a plastic spatula, yuk! While packing for the TV appearance, I forgot to repack my spatula even though I checked it over & over, so thank goodness there was one in the studio drawer! This goes to show the IMPORTANCE of a good tool and why my spatula is so perfect.

Uh the spatula wasn’t the only thing I forgot, I also forgot the dish to put my prepped vegetables prior to the stir fry. Good thing I can think fast and used the red paper plates!

Sharon Lawson, news reporter had a taste of the Sizzling Shrimp dish and asked about my Chinese New Year table setting before winding down the news show. I can’t wait for them to join me in a Wok Star class.

After the show, we were chatting and Sharon thought she was supposed to sprinkle the contents of her red packet into the Shrimp dish! Good thing Jennifer stopped her cause she knew it was a buddha inside!

It was fortunate my sister, Valerie was visiting and was able to help me. It’s not easy to drive, work the GPS, setup and take photos as well as focus on my message, ha, ha!

Thanks to Yari, the floor producer for all your help. Sorry, my sister only got your back! Wow, you were fantastic running the whole show. I love how the reporters and producer would say, “oh, 15 seconds is a long time!” Really?

Thanks NBC Miami for inviting me!

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