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HOH WOK CLUB is a celebration of Asian culture and cuisine and a way for cooking students and I (Eleanor Hoh aka Wok Star) to socialize outside of my cooking classes and marketing my indispensable Wok Star Kit for fast, fun and flavorful dinners at home.

Dim Sum at Mr. Chu's, South Beach

After a few years hiatus, I have resurrected my HOH WOK CLUB gatherings. I'm thrilled to introduce numerous new restaurants focusing on modern Asian eats. I like supporting small restaurants that serve good food and have a nice ambience. For me, eating out has to be a complete experience and in Miami, unfortunately, not many Asian eateries have both. As a foodie friend, Joan says, 'it's like you're giving your 'seal of approval.'

These gatherings are also open to anyone who enjoys meeting people and exploring new flavors. Of course, students and subscribers to my newsletter get first dibs. Many who've attended have gone back to these restaurants to try other dishes and told friends about them, so win win for everyone.
Karma Restaurant, Coral Gables

My aim is to create a tasting sampler at a great value. It's an excellent way to be introduced to what the restaurant has to offer and gives the chef an opportunity to talk about his/her style of cooking (unless they're shy of course, then I have to help them.) Starting off with a meet and mingle, drinks and snacks, then get down to the eats. There'll also be giveaways for lucky raffle winners.

I hope to have these gatherings on a regular basis, well, depending of course with how many restaurants there are. It seems they close and open so quickly, so we have to be vigilant and act quickly.

If you want to be notified of future HOH WOK CLUB gatherings and other Asian related news, the best way is to subscribe to my newsletter from my website (not the same as this blog).

I'll be posting some past HOH WOK CLUB gatherings soon.

Please note: If you have food related allergies, strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan; don't like your meat cooked medium rare, or are pregnant: these gatherings are probably not for you.

NEXT HOH WOK CLUB, click here for details:
Indomania, Monday August 16

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