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HOH WOK CLUB - Indomania, August 16


My first HOH WOK CLUB gathering after a few year's hiatus was at Indomania for an intimate sit-down Rijsttafel, you can read about it here. It was such a huge success we are having a second one Monday, August 16.

Take a look at our Facebook pages for more photos from July 12 Feast, Jen's food shots were great, mine were a bit dark. Apologies, the photos from Aug.16 Feast are not worthy to post, I only had a little clip on light. Chef Ineke made more than 12-dishes, adding a delicious tender squid in curry coconut sauce, banana leaf corvina and cabbage wrapped meatballs.

Indomania hosted a fantastic dinner party at Miami River Wall and got videotaped by Fox Style File TV! I've also provided other reviews for Indomania and useful links, so do take a look.

Rijsttafel is a 'rice table' with lots of delectable dishes, full menu below. Chef Ineke created this special 12-dish Rijsttafel to give guests a little taste of Indonesia.
Example of Rijsttafel at Indomania

Growing up in Hong Kong, I remember my mom's Malaysian dishes which are very similar to those from Indonesia, so I am thrilled to find this charming restaurant in a low key part of Miami Beach.

After many visits to Miami, Chef Ineke and husband Pieter from Holland were finally able to realize their dream and open their own restaurant. They designed their restaurant as if it was their own dining room: small and cozy with intriguing Indonesian photographs on the walls and batik tablecloths.
Daughter, Isabel (an English teacher who lives in Holland
visits every year & helps out as well as enjoy some sun.

I think there's going to be a shrimp or fish dish and also noodles to replace one of the rice dishes, so be open to menu changes.

Please note: If you have food related allergies, strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan; don't like your meat cooked medium rare, or are pregnant: these gatherings are probably not for you.

Chef Ineke's 12-dish Rijsttafel Menu:

Great way to meet people, I'll introduce you, meet and mingle. So have a drink and yummy snacks. Just a warning, they're very addictive, so don't fill up, lots of food to come.

Krupuk: shrimp crackers
Shrimp wontons with sweet, chili dip
Emping with peanut sauce

Chicken satay on skewers
Salad with French beans, cabbage and beansprouts

SAMBAL GORENG TELOR: eggs in spiced sauce
BEEF RENDANG: braised beef in thick coconut/chilisauce
Cabbage wrapped meatballs
Squid in coconut curry sauce
Banana Leaf wrapped corvina with kaffir lime leaves
SAYUR LODEH: mixed vegetables in coconut broth
ATJAR KETIMOEN: pickled vegetables
NASI PUTIH: steamed white rice
NASI GORENG: fried rice
SERUNDENG: fried coconut and peanuts
SAMBAL OELEK: spicy sauce

RUDJAK MANIS: fresh fruit of pineapple, apples, mangoes
SPEKKOEK WITH COCONUT ICE CREAM, spiced, layered cake.

Mandatory reservations and prepayment will be on a first come, first serve basis as seating is limited to the first 32 lucky guests. I believe there are already 13 taken, so you'd better hurry.

Call Indomania 305-535-6332 and mention HOH WOK CLUB, August 16: 7pm.
Leave your name and telephone number plus the number of guests in your group so they can call you back.
Plse provide your email so I can send out confirmations and any last minute details.
$32 total includes tax and tips.
There will be a Cash Bar.

Indomania is on 26th off Collins, on right going south.
FREE street parking after 6pm, open lot tween 26/27 in the middle of the block.
Make sure you do NOT park in residential areas or your car will be towed and very expensive to retrieve.

Look forward to seeing you there...

P.S. If anyone wants to make Beef Rendang or Indonesian food at home, Pepy has a wonderful blog with tons of recipes to help you. It's so much work, I'd rather just go to Indomania and enjoy it.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog here. I still have many more Indonesian recipes to post. Too many regions and ethnic groups in the country!

  2. Great blog Eleanor :) You are making me HUNGRY!

  3. Indonesia-Eats: Pepy, your blog gives people tons to cook from already.

    Lilly J: thnx for dropping in and THANK YOU for your wonderful Blogger "how to's".

  4. oh that sounds like a cool place there are so many cool places to eat in Miami


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