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My first HOH WOK CLUB gathering in 2010 after a few year's hiatus was at Indomania for an intimate sit-down Rijsttafel, Monday July 12. It was a huge success, so much so we are having a second one for those who couldn't get in. Hope to see you then, details below.

We had a very interesting group with entertainment attorneys, numerous wine enthusiasts, the South Florida Foodies
(I am honored to be a member of, it is by invitation only, not sure you can even see their Facebook page if you're not a member), a judge, NPR, PR, travel writer, even a VIP, Jon Secada who came with a group of 9. We received wonderful feedback the next day to say how much everyone enjoyed it. Food is only a part of it, the company is what makes sharing the food so much more delightful.
Indomania owners: Isabel flanked by parents, Pieter an Chef Ineke

Rijsttafel is a 'rice table' with lots of delectable dishes, full menu below. Chef Ineke created a special 12-dish Rijsttafel to give guests a little taste of Indonesia, see menu below.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I remember my mom's Malaysian dishes which are very similar to those from Indonesia, so I am thrilled to find this charming restaurant in a low key part of Miami Beach.

After many visits to Miami, Chef Ineke and husband Pieter from Holland were finally able to realize their dream and open their own restaurant. They designed their restaurant as if it was their own dining room: small and cozy with intriguing Indonesian photographs on the walls and batik tablecloths.

Chef Ineke's 12-dish Rijsttafel Menu:

Snacks with drinks
Kropok: shrimp crackers

Shrimp wontons with sweet, chili dip

Emping with peanut sauce

Gado Gado, salad with tofu, french beans, egg, beansprouts
and cabbage with a peanut/coconut dressing
Sateh Ayam, skewer with grilled chicken

Beef Semor: braised beef in a sweet soy sauce
Ayam bumbu Bali: Balinese spiced chicken
Babi Medan: slow cooked porc with ginger, lime leaves and lemon grass
Atjar Tjampoer: sweet and sour pickled vegetables

Sayur Lodeh: mixed vegetables in a coconut broth

Gulay Telor: curried eggs

Toasted coconut and peanuts (sprinkle on everything)

Nasi Kuning: yellow rice steamed with lemon grass and galanga
-- --
Rudjak: Indonesian fruit salad
Black rice pudding with coconut milk


Is this how it looks when foodies go out to eat? 5 cameras snapping:
Jen's food shots were great, mine were a bit dark.
Take a look at our Facebook pages for more photos.

Indomania hosted a fantastic dinner party on Miami River Wall and got videotaped by Fox Style File TV!

NEXT EVENT: Indomania, August 16

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  1. What fun to relive the evening all over again with this post and photos. It really was a great night! Thanks for arranging it.

  2. Thnx Joan, I always enjoy your company and conversation as well as our mutual philosophy of NO-RECIPES!

    Hop over to see HOH WOK CLUB post, I mention you by name.

  3. Eleanor, so jealous of all that great food!!


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