Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curry Yoki Salmon with Salad (Wok Star series 2.0)

I'm adding this to Cook Like a Wok Star series because I'm using my wok to cook salmon in a unique way! If you think of using your wok in a unique way, I'd love to hear it. In Cook Like a Wok Star 1.0, I used my wok to lightly parboil broccoli prior to stir frying.

My thought process for this dish? I wanted to do something other than grilled salmon. So, I used a "breaded" technique but with yoki (seasoned cassava flour) and Myspicesage.com curry powder. Yup, curry again! Stir frying the curry yoki salmon in my cast iron wok gave it a nice, crispy texture. The yoki burned quite quickly so i have to watch it more closely.

Presented on a bed of field greens & topped with a few cubes of pineapple. They gave a juicy sweetness that I love with fish.


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Asian Culture Festival 2011 - Food


Vietnamese gals from Viet Style who know how to bring it!


Coconut dessert cooked in CAST IRON, the best material for cooking anything! The more you use it, the more patina & becomes a natural non-stick!  I love the whole setup! They had a huge crowd just fascinated watching.


Wonderful idea, lots of work, stuffing bamboo stick with sticky rice & red beans.


Tammi makes fresh Thai curry puffs & banana leaf desserts! I bought some, see other Asian Culture Festival post.


Indian food.


Viet Style had the nicest booth display, with orchids, good job. It's where the gorgeous gals are!


Chinese food.

Asian Culture Festival 2011

I literally ran through the Asian Culture Festival today cause I spent so long at dim sum with Twitter buddies! It was at the Fruit and Spice Park, well who knew it was soooo far down. But definitely worth going. Here are just some of hundreds of photos I took to give you an idea what's there! They expanded the park with a lake and bridge, so it's HUGE, wear comfy shoes!

Check back, I'll be adding more photos with more food etc. & other interesting things that caught my eye.


Stop by Fruit & Spice booth, the volunteers will tell you all about the unusual fruit and spices! I loved this beautiful one, uh, don't remember name but told Thai people like to use to color their sticky rice, anyone?


Tons of fresh herbs.

Photo Op



Bought beautiful double stem orchid $10, bee pollen from the Honey guy & Thai fresh made chicken & taro curry puffs, banana wrapped sticky rice with taro, banana & mung beans. Can't wait to try them tomorrow.


Don't forget to see the exquisite Ikebana demo and exhibit.

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