Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year at Chu's

We decided foolishly to celebrate Chinese New Year day at Chu's with my sister, her hubby and her friends. Calm before craziness, but to be expected for such a big event. Chu's will be holding another Chinese New Year event this Friday, February 11. So, if you want to experience a traditional dragon dance etc., reserve NOW. Enjoy. Don't say I didn't warn you there's a long wait before your dinner arrives, so have a little snack before going. Worth the wait and good to have an appetite. Happy Rabbit Year!
Wok Star Eleanor Hoh & Norika Chu
We managed to get a shot together before guests arrived!
Norika presents Peking Duck before carving it up!
Norika was so fast at carving & making these rolls for us!
Definitely don't want to share with so many next time.
After waiting 1 1/2 hours for our dinner to arrive, everyone snatched these rolls so I had to scramble to get this shot and others! Sorry, they're all a bit dark and blurry.
Here's remainder of Peking duck stir fried with veggies.
Huge scallops with black beans & bell peppers on a sizzling platter.
We had to order long life noodles for luck. This came with seafood & veggie.

Loved this eggplant dish that came in a clay pot and kept hot on a little burner.

The guy who leads the dragon has to learn to get OUT OF THE WAY so silly us can get the shot! The guy was in every shot I took. Lots of banging of drums and cymbals. I put a red packet into the mouth of the dragon dancer. He looked dazzled by the frenzy. His mouth was full of red packets, poor thing.
East meets west with jazz music in between.
Baby bok choy, needed twice as much. We love veggies.

It's very strange eating with westerners, they don't understand 'family style' where you pick what you want and eat slowly with your rice! Well, the other reason was we were STARVING. Everything was delicious.
After dinner, we dropped by Villa 221 to enjoy reggae music on the beautiful back deck. The weather was gorgeous. I am quite excited about this new venue and hope to hold some of my Wok Star events there. They have a cozy and cool lounge area to set the mood and tone to my class.

If you fell off track with your New Year's resolution, this post explains my easy approach and Wok Star Kit with everything to help you kickstart for a healthier, happier and slimmer you.

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