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CurrySimple Baked Ribs

CurrySimple Baked Ribs

We're not hosting July Fourth this year, it's kind of a relief because it's not the cooking but the cleaning and tidying up that takes so long, don't you find? You can see our last year's celebrations with Hoisin Spare Ribs and tons of salads etc.

I particularly wanted to share this dish because instead of BBQing your ribs, you can bake them with an Asian twist!
This dish is so easy because with CurrySimple's readymade sauces, you just open and pour. I am not a fan of premade foods but I must say CurrySimple's curries are really the best outside of homemade curries.

I discovered CurrySimple when I saw Mike Moran, the founder/owner on Donny Deutsch's TV show, The Big Idea. His philosophy, "we make Thai food easy' was such an "AHA" moment. I'm always on the lookout for products that make life easy for people. So, I immediately contacted him and am thrilled to include a pouch of his CurrySimple when folks purchase my Wok Star Kit! Everyone who's tried it always wants more.

There are some things that should be made fresh like using fresh veggies vs frozen or fresh garlic vs ready peeled in jars of oil. But there are some things like this fantastic idea of combining curry paste and coconut milk in a pouch just makes our lives so much easier. I remember when I was young, my mom used to have the four of us sisters pound curry spices from scratch in a mortar and pestle. I mention this in my Malaysian Chicken Curry blog. Unbelievable amount of work and time which no-one has nowadays.

So, when you crave a good Thai curry, you can make it right at home with the proteins and veggies you have/like and it's just as good as a Thai restaurant. The Thai restaurants in Miami are so generic like the Chinese restaurants, you might as well open a can of curry sauce and just pour. Sorry to my Thai friends but that's how I feel. The CurrySimple flavors however, are spot on and the convenience factor is what wows me. I know this sounds crazy but when I came back from my Hong Kong trip, the first thing I wanted was to make a Thai CurrySimple dinner because I was so homesick for the Asian flavors I just left behind. I wanted the spicy, pungent flavors without having to slave at it.

Here's my really simple CurrySimple Baked Ribs with vegetables you can get all year round - cabbage and red potatoes, a complete dinner:

I didn't add any liquid to the spicy curry sauce but just poured from the pouch to cover the slab of spare ribs, covered with foil and baked between 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Half way through, I added in the potatoes and cabbage. Easy as that, the meat was tender, juicy and tasty!

A few dishes I made: Curry Salmon and Salmon Salad, enjoy. I've got lots more dishes using a variety of their sauces/soups, so keep stopping by.

Take a tour of CurrySimple's site for tons of cool stuff to try, you can also interact with other fans and upload your photos to share recipes. My favorites are their curries, nice variety from mild to spicy. I got my own personal Badge with my photo on it! Look over the right ->.

I love his site, he keeps improving it. In fact, Mike is so brilliant at marketing his brand that he's now started another business to help other folks set up their e-commerce sites. I'm very impressed with how much he's accomplished and love supporting a fellow entrepreneur.

Love to hear your experiences using CurrySimple and if you've not tried it yet, hurry over because you'll wonder what all the fuss is with making an authentic Thai

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