How I choose partners
One of the most important things for me is using products and brands that reflect my philosophy. The partners who provide me products included in my Wok Star Kit are showcased below or on my Wok Star Partners page on my commerce site. Wok Stars love getting their goodies, they say it's like Christmas!

This means products with good ingredients and few preservatives (I understand it's necessary sometimes but they should still be as natural as possible and not high sugar content, it's my pet peeve.) I like products that help make cooking easier e.g. spices that come in dispensers that distribute evenly without having to use another utensil!

Sometimes, I contact companies whose products I like, sometimes companies contact me to see if I'd be willing to experiment with their products.  Whether I end up recommending or not, I hope companies will understand my audience appreciate my honest opinions and judge me on these, so I am very careful when I pick products I showcase.

If you're a company who has products that would complement what I do and/or add value to my Wok Star Kit, email me with your ideas. PLEASE visit my website first and understand what I do BEFORE you contact me, this saves both our time which as we know is priceless, much appreciated :
wokstar at eleanorhoh dot com

I'll be constantly adding to this page with resources to provide useful tips, ideas, ways to help you be a Wok Star! So, please keep checking back or subscribe to this feed for updates.

Here are some interesting sites:

Edible South Florida: this is not a farm. Subscribe to this beautiful magazine and online site, "exploring our foods, our stories, our community by season".

South Florida Farmers Markets, Food, Groups:
Links to national and Miami markets to pick up lovely, fresh veggies and fruits.  

Jungle Walls
Peter Kastan has a loft-like space right on Miami River where he showcases beautiful vertical, hydroponic plant walls and stand-alone plant towers for fresh herbs, edible flowers, whatever you like. Peter is hosting my Wok Star cooking classes every last Saturdays of the month, check here for schedule.

My website has more details about these partners, also see above for more details under How I choose Partners.

Fiji Water -
Join their Facebook page for Contests, Specials and Giveaways.
I love that they sponsor my Wok Star class with their delicious tasting water for guests.

OWS - Gancia Prosecco
OWS (The Other Wine and Spirit) sponsors my Wok Star class with a wonderful Gancia Prosecco. It's a perfect sparkling wine to WOW guests with my Rainbow Lettuce Wrap appetizer. If you love it, you can savor it at many Italian restaurants...
-   Balans, 1022 Lincoln Rd   (305) 534-9191
-   Andiamo, 5600 Biscayne Blvd ·Miami (305) 762-5751
-   Fleming’s 2525 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables FL 33134

or pick up at...
-   Le palais du fruit 300 Alton road, Miami beach,
-   Top Hat(305) 662-9898 5749 Bird Rd Miami
-   Wine and spirits cellar 21055 Bisacyne Boulevard, Miami 305 936 94 33

Earthy Delights
I'm really excited to announce my partnership with this wonderful company for gourmet mushrooms, chiles and lots of other goodies. I just got a big box of Tea Seed oil which tolerates high heat for stir frying and will be giving some away as door prizes in class and to local Wok Stars who buy my Wok Star Kit. Mushrooms are my favorites, so I've been experimenting with them. Keep checking back.
Gourmet mushrooms, chilies, stock gels from EARTHY.COM

Tea Seed Oil from EARTHY.COM
Hot Curry Powder, Chinese Five Spice Powder, Asian Seasonings 
Another new partner, yay! I love these seasonings, they're such fresh and intense flavors AND come in these handy shakers so you can easily sprinkle to marinade meat, in a stir fry or even in a salad! YUM...

Curry powder is my fav, the smell when it hits my wok is very addictive. I never get sick of using it as you'll see on my frequent posts. Many of the dishes uses Myspicesage curry powder!

Five Spice is a very popular Asian spice, it is so versatile, use it for making stews or as a rub for grilling meat. The most common is Roast Pork:

Easy Holiday Cooking

Asian Seasoning is best for grilling meats, but I'm going to explore other uses for all these great spices.



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