Thursday, May 28, 2009

SushiMasters Competition - Japan Culture Week (updated)

Lovely gals in Kirin kimonos greeting guests. Sorry you didn't come, guys?

I'm not writing too much about this SushiMasters Competition during Japan Culture Week because my friend Rosalie Leposky, the Miami Food and Drink Examiner did a fantastic job of it with a photo slideshow.

She didn't stop there, she also wrote a whole story about my WokStar Kit and class!

I just want to thank the Japanese Consulate for inviting me to participate and to California Rice Commission and Kirin Beer for sponsoring this event. Everyone enjoyed it. As usual, when my presentation was over and the feeding frenzy subsided, I was starving and ended up eating a French brie baguette at the bakery within Alliance Francaise. Many recognized me and thought it very funny I served Asian stir fry but eating French!

Thanks to Jim Morris, Communications Manager with California Rice Commission for this photo.

The Alliance Francaise is a beautiful stand-alone building. They host many interesting arts and culture events there and of course, if you want to learn French, this is the place.

Saw many friends who came out to enjoy! Here's Yumi (an interior designer, model who happens to be Japanese), Chris (also designer) and Lorette (the one I mentioned in eco blog who can look gorgeous in a sack!)

Thanks to my sponsors, Fiji Water, San-J Intl. tamari who provide me products for my Kit and class and Del Monte who partnered in my Pineapple Stir Fried Rice video.

Toshi was the MC, you don't want to mess with him when he has that knife in his hands!

There was a lot of media filming, taking photos. It was a big deal, they built the stage which took nearly all day!

Natali Garcia-Diaz, public relations to the Consulate General of Japan, Miami and so suportive of what I do! Do sign up for their monthly cultural and food events. They're always so much fun like the time we saw a movie about making udon noodles and ate some!

Beautiful display of kimonos and musical instruments.
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