Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curry Yoki Salmon with Salad (Wok Star series 2.0)

I'm adding this to Cook Like a Wok Star series because I'm using my wok to cook salmon in a unique way! If you think of using your wok in a unique way, I'd love to hear it. In Cook Like a Wok Star 1.0, I used my wok to lightly parboil broccoli prior to stir frying.

My thought process for this dish? I wanted to do something other than grilled salmon. So, I used a "breaded" technique but with yoki (seasoned cassava flour) and Myspicesage.com curry powder. Yup, curry again! Stir frying the curry yoki salmon in my cast iron wok gave it a nice, crispy texture. The yoki burned quite quickly so i have to watch it more closely.

Presented on a bed of field greens & topped with a few cubes of pineapple. They gave a juicy sweetness that I love with fish.


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