Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wok Star's Thanksgiving Duck

Breaking Thanksgiving tradition with Crispy Roast Duck...

Baby bok choy, sugar snap peas, red bell pepper, scallions.
I cheated and microwaved sweet potato.

Just leave all your veggies on a large chopping board,
saves washing up dishes.Go straight from board to wok.

I love my cast iron wok and portable butane gas stove setup.
I leave these out permanently so it's EASY
to use my wok for cooking EVERYTHING.
Start off with oil, garlic and ginger.
Use oil that tolerates high heat like canola or
a new oil I'm trying: Tea Seed Oil
Tip: Don't overfill your wok, it lowers the temperature &
makes your veggies 'soupy'! I started
with just frying baby bok choy.
Next, I fried sugar snaps and red bell pepper.
Combined veggies and topped with scallions.
Add dash of tamari, sherry, squirt lime...DONE!
Bought Roast duck , stuffing and gravy which are
time consuming to make.

Plated sugar snap & red bell.
Dessert and dinner plates ready.Here's a 'before' shot of ready cooked roast duck.
Warmed in oven 325, then under broiler to crisp skin.
So pleased with result, see nice crispy golden skin!
Notice I put duck on a rack so it wouldn't be swimming in fat.
This is the leanest duck I've ever had, hardly any fat.
Another reason to buy store bought, no smoke or fat drips.

This is my husband's plate. I actually took OFF
my sweet potato, too much carbs!
No-sugar chocolate cheese cake (bought)
with fresh blueberries and strawberries.
Nice to have a 2 hour break before dessert!

This Thanksgiving Dinner goes with my whole philosophy of being a Wok Star! Cook stuff that's EASY and FUN, leave the time consuming stuff to others!

We had a very light lunch of Singapore Noodles.

Also take a look at Post Thanksgiving Duck/Turkey - 3 ways. Always with some crispy, crunchy veggies stir fried in my cast iron wok!

Wow, glad Thanksgiving is over, my body craved something light and soupy.

How did you use your leftover Thanksgiving turkey or whatever?

What was your first meal after all the leftovers were used?
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