Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinese New Year - simple home dinner is best!

The best way to celebrate Chinese New Year is a simple dinner at home with your family. You don't have to get stressed with a big production.

Earlier in the day, I had given a Wok Star cooking class to celebrate Year of the Tiger, so I didn't feel like going to a crowded, noisy restaurant that evening or pay the high prices usually jacked up on these occasions.

A red tablecloth is important because it signifies good luck. My friend, Irene had given me some beautiful napkins with "chopsticks", so appropriate for the occasion, thanks.

My brother-in-law is Italian, so he picked out a Chamarre Shiraz Merlot which went very well with everything.

I noticed my sister had snuck a duck leg on her plate!

I had bought a whole roast duck (everyone's favorite), already carved and just needed crisping up under the grill.
It was so much fun to cook with my sister, reminded me of our childhood, cooking, laughing with our mom and two other sisters.
I also fried up a plain veggie dish of Chinese broccoli and bok choy.

A dish of plump shrimp with a spicy, zesty brown bean sauce, asparagus and carrots. This is a dish I actually made in class earlier so I had all the fixings already so no big deal. Everything was ready in about half an hour!

This was my plate with the duck leg, yummy.

For dessert, a few Chinese cakes like almond cookies, coconut tart and melon pastry. My sister brought some Vosges chocolates. They have the most amazing and strange combinations but so good, it perks up your taste buds.

We even went to the Wynwood/Design District Art Walk after dinner. I'm not sure how I managed it as I'd already been on my feet for about 6 hours! We walked probably 2 miles, popping into all the galleries was fun, many had Valentine themed art and gifts.

My brother-in-law bought me a lovely bangle from Ecoist.
It was made out of recycled sweetie wrappers, so cheerful.

What a lovely way to celebrate Year of the Tiger and Valentine's Day!

Love to hear how you spent your Chinese New Year?

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  1. what a great looking setup,ahh CNY was kind of on hold for our family this year and partially because we are all in separate places taking care of business. But theres always next year for us. Happy New Year

  2. The table setting is marvelous yet elegant. The dishes are gorgeous as well. We had a pot luck at home but I made some grilled lemon coriander prawns with a dipping sauce. Nobody cooks or brings any vegetable so I cooked some stir-fried zucchini. And you're absolutely right - simple home dinner in best.

  3. David and Divina, thnx for sharing your CNY experiences. I'm learning to not make it a big deal because the most important thing is spending time with family.

  4. wow looks so tasty and beautiful laid out

  5. That's a gorgeous spread!!!!

  6. That's a beautiful setting and lovely homecooked food. Me, too....never like to eat out. Just such a big hassle and yet not getting the real stuff for the high price. Time passes so's middle of March!

  7. This table setting is absolutely gorgeous and would absolutely stimulate any palate. Your cuisine too,the pictures are so beautiful! Ditto on the eating out part!
    I lived and went to college in Florida & often took a drive to Miami Beach!

  8. Hi Rebecca, Aruna, Mary and Nazarina
    Thanks so much for lovely comments. I must learn to respond faster, sorry. I visited Aruna and Nazarina's sites and must say you both have wonderful blogs! Let's all share what we love to do.


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