Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cook Like a Wok Star 1.0

Cook like a Wok Star is a series of quick, short posts to get you cooking in your wok, give you ideas for simple weeknight dinners and hopefully with leftovers for lunches too!

Even if you don't have my cast iron wok set or know my NO-recipe technique, I hope these posts will inspire and encourage you to use your wok for cooking most anything and not just for an Asian stir fry!

I tend to think of more things to add after my posts, so do subscribe to get the's my first one, enjoy...
A wok is a perfect shape and size for big batch cooking.
It's fast and keeps its flavor, texture & color.
I lightly stir fried with Tea seed oil, garlic & ginger.
You don't even need to do that if you don't want to.

Par boil a big head of broccoli in my cast iron wok!

I marinaded skirt steak 2 ways and stuck under broiler.

Satay sauce & Stubbs BBQ sauce are both thick sauces so they cling to the meat. I used 2 different marinades on one skirt steak for variation. I know when it's done by just the aroma, no timing needed! Flip over, slather more sauce & that's it!
Grilled Satay Skirt Steak, penne with broccoli
Looks like a typical western dinner but with Asian flair!
Made enough for hubby's lunch & our dinner!

During the week, I'll use these and different ingredients to pull together a dinner, so much FUN! Sometimes, I'll add a light balsamic salad dressing, sometimes sauce from the skirt steak marinade. But, my favorite is just stir frying my veggies with a a dash of tamari and sherry. So crunchy and full of flavor.

Love to hear what inspires your weeknight dinners without using any recipes and better yet cooked in a wok?!

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