Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buy tix to Common Threads Fundraiser

Excited to announce chef lineup for Common Threads healthy eating demos at Jungle Island! Iron Chef contestant, Chef Dena Marino will be headlining this Saturday at 2pm. Posting schedule soon.

The Common Threads kids and I will be wokking up a healthy, easy, sizzling one dish dinner for busy weeknights: beef with baby bok choy. And if they can do it, so can you!

Bring the kids, head out to Jungle Island, there'll be lots to see and do. $10 off usual entrance of $35 for a good cause plus you can visit Jungle Island!

Kudos to all the organizations for joining up to help on this important issue to fight childhood obesity and nutrition.

You must buy your tickets AHEAD, click to KidsEatMiami for details and find out more about Common Threads and why you should get involved!


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  1. Maris, so important to start kids young to adopt healthy habits, so much harder to undo when they're older.


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