Thursday, April 14, 2011

FREE CHINATOWN Event Launching The Red Thread

The Playground Theatre is showcasing their new play, The Red Thread in a very unique way! They're bringing a CHINATOWN MIAMI event to Miami Shores this Sunday, April 17 from 12-6pm!


My friend & Wok Star cooking class alumni, Maria Cummins has invited me to participate in her tent for CookingWithKidsMiami, a cooking school for kids, except I'll be teaching adults! The tent will be set up outside her retail store and cooking school, A Place 4 Kids at 9612 NE 2nd Avenue, right on the main drag!


I'll have my Asian decorations up as well as my Wok Star Kit and a sign up sheet for cooking classes when it starts at her school! Do drop by for surprise giveaways or a chat and especially if you have any burning questions about woks or stir fry techniques! I will NOT be giving a cooking demo just so you know.

Read review of The Red Thread here. I can't wait to see it, who wants to go? But, not that night for me, I'll probably be too tired.


Full details with map of all the fun things to do there including music acts, green market, craftspeople, kids stage culminating with a dragon parade! Of course, any event in Miami has to have gourmet food trucks, such a great idea, need to feed people! I'm very impressed how organized this is.


  1. How wonderful for you to be able to participate in cooking classes for kids!

  2. So exciting to influence kids at a young age with good cooking and eating habits. Maria says the kids 'teach' their parents how to make the dishes!


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