Monday, December 20, 2010

Chow Down Grill & Wok Star Christmas Lunch

Josh Marcus explains his concept of Chow Down Grill and gave the inside scoop about his South Beach restaurant slated to open February 2011 right on Alton Road/9th right opposite The Miami Ad School. Everyone enjoyed today's Chinese Family Style Lunch and just getting together. Some I hadn't seen in years, many were Wok Stars, but there were also some new people (some I didn't get photos of, boo.) Thanks everyone for celebrating with me.

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Starter: Himachi sashimi, an extra surprise Josh presented

Starter: Chow Down Chop Salad

Chinese Style Family Lunch with Mongolian Beef, broccoli and steamed chicken dumpling.

Dessert: pumpkin bread pudding and rice pudding

Why do I have a photo of Renee with jars of jams? She came bringing 3 Freakin' Flamingo handcrafted jams and I didn't get a photo of her, boo! I love supporting entrepeneurs like Josh (chef) and Renee especially when she makes jams this good, slurp. I got 2 Blueberry Mojitos and a Caribbean Cranberry. Once you've had it, you cannot eat store bought. She only does small batches, so get yours quickly before they go. Great gift idea, woo hoo!

Left to right: Ro-ann, Rick, Polita, Duba, Andrea

Front to back: Chris, Yumi, Mary, Alan at the bar

Left to right: Mary, Nina, Linda, Myriam, Alan, Jorge

Left to right: Jen, John and kids

Josh (chef, co-owner of Chow Down Grill), Wok Star Eleanor Hoh

Left to right: Linda, Jorge, Myriam

Mary (Wok Star who comes to all my events!) and Wok Star Eleanor Hoh

Gorgeous weather so some of us sat outside!

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  1. What a great time yesterday was - I had a blast and Josh's food was awesome! Thanks for the plug, Eleanor- you're too kind. *blush* xox


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