Monday, April 11, 2011

Chef Demos at Common Threads Fundraiser!


Iron Chef contestant, Chef Dena Marino, MC Hospitality Group was our headliner and closing act for Kids Eat Miami's inaugural fundraiser event for Common Threads! I'll be posting the chef's individual posts soon. Also, all the recipes will be posted on Kids Eat Miami site soon.

I can't wait to hear the tally on how much this event raised. For a first, I think everyone did a FANTASTIC job of pulling together for a great cause! 

Thanks to Jungle Island for hosting this event and to all the participating sponsors, auction donors, organizers and especially to the volunteers. The kids love ya! Please visit Common Threads to see how you can get involved in this community project. And let's not forget Chef Michelle Bernstein who started the Miami chapter.

Common Threads Chef instructor and Nutrolution, Rachael Richardson, RD, LN/D made a delicious, very fluffy Tabbouleh using quinoa instead of bulgar wheat.


Kelly Saks, Miss Earth Florida teaches adolescents success through ecology (T.A.S.T.E.). A vegetarian herself, she does a great job promoting healthy eating and the kids related to her.


Wok Star Eleanor Hoh gives monthly cooking classes in Miami. I made a sizzling beef with baby bok choy and bell pepper. I wanted to show a tasty, one-dish dinner for busy weeknights can be simple and easy.


Chef Shawn Fralin, Rakkasan Chef and his teenage kids made Conch Soup from the Overtown CookBook. As he says, can be served hot and sassy or chilled and spicy, umm.


Great turnout for the chef demos even though the other activities were way out in Jungle Island. What I noticed was the minute people smelled food, they were THERE!


I couldn't resist doing the celebrity chef photo op.

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