Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun Revamping Leftover Soba Lunch!

Great art & cute concept doesn't make up for disproportionate ratio of noodles to shrimp! I brought home enough soba for 2 more lunches! Crazy. All carbs & not enough protein makes us cranky! Gotta have good balance. So, for today's lunch, I added shredded ready roast chicken & leftover veggies, revved up with Huy Fong chili sauce, side of my home made kimchi, now we're talking!


Char siu ramen noodle soup, not bad.


2 shrimp tempura soba noodle soup, not worth $11!! Why served in a tacky mixing bowl? Did they run out of serving bowls? Not a fan of veggie mix.


Revamped lunch today.

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  1. Thanks Maris! I will upload more of their ceiling murals, looked like they were on perspex or glass. But still doesn't justify giving me only 2 shrimp with that big bowl of soba! Wow, you're pretty accomplished at such a young age!


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