Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taste of Check, Please!

Chef Michelle Bernstein, host of Check, Please!

Well, you could tell just from the crowd that Chef Michy has a huge following. Everyone I talked to say they watch it religiously and many have been on the show. You can see what the show is about here. The first Taste of Check, Please! South Florida was a fundraiser event for the show. The food came from many restaurants featured on the show and was a nice mix from spicy Haitian to French cuisine. I hope you realize that I missed out tasting many because I rushed around taking photos for this blog!

Chef Michy and her husband, David Martinez opened Michy's, SRA. Martinez, MB in Cancun, Omphoy in Palm Beach and most recently, Crumb and Parchment in the Design District. I once asked her how she copes with running all the restaurants and appearing on TV, she simply said, "oh, I have good staff". Oh, she's also a James Beard Award winner, guest judge on Top Chef and started Common Threads Miami. (It was an honor to be invited to be a guest instructor at a participating Common Threads school, you can read about it here.)

Chef Michy thanked me for my cooking class certificate.

Me and Duba, a screenwriter and Wok Star!
Attending events like this isn't fun unless you hang out with foodie friends! Sorry this is so blurry, I had someone else take it and think they didn't focus first, oops!

Chef Michy's cookbook, Cuisine a Latina
Her table had the best display and decoration!
Delicious melon salad. Didn't get a chance to try the shrimp salad everyone raved about, boo!
Andrea, TV exec and Duba

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  1. Looks like amazing fun! How cool that you went.

    It was great to meet you in person at SheCon this weekend!


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