Friday, May 6, 2011

Turnip, Pork Soup (Cook Like A Wok Star 3.0)

Turnip, Chinese Mushroom, Pork Soup. I had with a little red rice.

While making this Turnip, Chinese Mushroom and Pork Soup, the smells and all the tasting was such a tease! I couldn't stop diving into it and had an early lunch! Today's 'thought process' and part of Cook Like A Wok Star series was how to use the same ingredients to make a soup and also a stew! I even videotaped some of this and I'm learning how to edit and piece it together. I'll let you know when I upload to youtube, don't laugh at my attempt, at least I'm trying.

I'm very excited to be invited to join #LetsLunch, a group of wonderful food bloggers I met through twitter! You can see my twitter feed in the sidebar. Someone thinks up a category and everyone goes off and creates a dish, take photos and writes a blog post and link to each other. Today's liquid lunch is a tribute to @geokaren who's had to have surgery and wasn't able to eat solids. Keep checking back for the latest updates at the bottom of this post!

I love using my cast iron wok to stir fry my veggies and meat prior to transferring to a claypot to make soup! This wok is the best material for getting the veggies crunchy and also to sear the marinaded sliced pork shoulder. Because I don't teach using 'recipes', this is a very rough guideline to the ingredients and seasonings I used. I'll be using these same ingredients to make a stew right after posting this, so I hope you'll come back for that.

Korean turnip, Chinese mushrooms rehydrating, carrots, ginger, garlic, scallions
Leave chopped veggies on cutting board. I added in onions.
Chicken broth, tamari, sherry & pepper seasonings to flavor the soup.
TSPC: tamari, sherry, pepper, cornstarch to marinade sliced pork shoulder
4 basic seasonings I use to marinade protein or make sauce.
Stir fry veggies in my cast iron wok with a little oil, garlic, ginger.
Frying your veggies first saves you a cleanup step!
Stir fry pork with a little oil and garlic, ginger in my cast iron wok.
Add pork to claypot, done!

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  1. I lovelovelove the step by step pictures -- I adore Asian pork stews and can't wait to try yours out. I grew up loving my mom's turnip soups, too. This made me wish she were here this weekend to make a pot for me! Welcome to Let's Lunch...and thanks for the book congrats! xx

  2. Thank you Eleanor! We will attempt to cook this as soon as your wok arrives...Looks so yummy!
    -Brett and Lyn.

  3. I just want to grab a fork and dig in.



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