Thursday, June 2, 2011

Veena's Market Vindaloo with Zucchini Raitha

My experiment with Veena's Market Vindaloo was a huge success! Pork shoulder was very tender and tasty. If you want to have authentic Indian food at home, Veena's Indian recipe Kits is the answer! Clear instructions with packets labeled a child could follow.

Few mishaps cause not used to following recipes: 1) I didn't realize you have to marinade the pork overnight! 2) I threw the whole packet of chili powder in, oops. Thank goodness I made some zucchini raitha to cool our scorching tongues, not complaining, we loved it and helped clear our sinus. Demonstrating the use of a cast iron wok to fry/sear meats prior to stewing in my clay pot. Stir fried lots of veggies to go with Vindaloo. Enjoyed this meal tremendously. I rushed back from my beach walk, so excited to try.


Stir fried spices and onions.


Added marindaded pork shoulder.


Grated zucchini, mixed in yoghurt, mint, tiny sprinkle of Gomasio (Japanese black & tan sesame seeds & salt.)


Fried rapini, red bell peppers. Claypot with Vindaloo and pot of basmati rice.


A very authentic Indian dinner.

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