Friday, August 1, 2008

Free Beijing Olympic Recipes

It's summer but there's a LOT going on...

Watch Olympics and savor... Friday 8.8.08
"8" is a very lucky number in Chinese culture, so that's why Olympics starts on that day, in fact Ralph and I were married on Jan.8, 1988, oops, now you know we celebrated 20 years together!

Take a Wok Star class next Tuesday, August 7 at The Grateful Palate, just in time to learn in 3 hours so you can whip up your own favorite Asian dishes.

Or you can order a Wok Star Kit with my complete class and audio cookalongs (like I'm a private coach in your kitchen) so you can learn in your own home.

Here are FREE RECIPES for 3 simple party dishes, perfect for setting the mood while watching the Beijing Olympics with family and friends. Best paired with an icy, cold Tiger Beer (it's from Singapore where my mother was born).
Thai Curry Salmon, Rainbow Lettuce Wraps,
Singapore Chili Shrimp. Eleanor's healthy alternative to chip & dip. Perfect for any game night.

More FREE easy recipe variations, it's all there for you to relish -
Thai Curry Salmon using CurrySimple (ready mix coconut milk and paste, just open and pour). Available at Wholefoods and Wild Oats or directly from
Steamed ground turkey meatloaf with umboshi plums (another way to use your versatile wok)

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