Friday, August 1, 2008

Wok Star cooking classes


kitchen and closet design showroom
host Wok Star Eleanor Hoh

A perfect combination of socializing, entertaining and learning

Saturday, Aug.16, 12pm-3pm
$65 per person
4 dishes paired with Tiger Beer, Fiji Water and Prosecco

Click here for reservations and prepayment.

Spaces are on a first come, first save basis. Prepayment will guarantee your spaces. So, please do not leave till last minute and be disappointed when you cannot get in.

Wok Star Cooking Classes
I'm excited to announce 4 new venues hosting my Wok Star classes in Broward: Naked Grape Wine Bar, Wilton Manors; Hollywood Vine; Chef Jean Pierre Cooking School and The Grateful Palate. I feel quite honored to be The Grateful Palate's first cooking instructor to inaugurate the newly renovated space. For all those in Broward, take advantage of this exceptional chance to be in a really classy setting.

Just in time for the Olympics starting 8.08.08, very important and a lucky date in Chinese culture. This is a perfect time to learn how easy it is to make quick, easy exotic dishes in your own home and enjoy while you watch the Olympics with your family and friends. Spread the word and let's make this a happening! We need to work fast, so please reserve and prepay ASAP, details below.

Watch a CBS and Fox News Style File video or a slideshow of my class by
Miami Dish plus read a review by Mango and Lime as well as comments from people who have attended my event.

Rainbow lettuce appetizer with ground turkey, hoisin sauce & crunchy pumpkin seeds
Easy stir fry veggies with an Asian twist
Shrimp with asparagus, carrot & topped with cashews
Tilapia with zucchini, squash & bell peppers in spicy, brown bean

Join me for an unforgettable class and learn my simple, no-recipe technique focusing on quick, "easy style", weekday, 30-minute, one-dish meals with little clean-up. It's a very interactive, engaging class with many who will get to stir fry.

My Wok Star Kit will be available for purchase at the class. The Kit includes a preseasoned cast-iron wok set, instructional discs with my personal selection of Asian ingredients so people can go home and start implementing what they've learned in class. If you cannot make it to a class, the Kit has my complete class plus audio cook-alongs (it's like I'm a private coach in your kitchen).

You'll get tons of tips and information on brands of ingredients and where to pick them up in Asian markets. Many will get a chance to stir fry and ask burning questions about wok cooking. I'll bust some myths about wok cooking like throwing everything in a wok or using a flat wok on electric stoves.

You'll soon be able to make dinners with the whole family and enjoy eating together. Simple, healthy, weekday dinners with readily available ingredients that will entice even the pickiest eaters to an exotic and scrumptious dinner. Plus you'll save money eating out and gas money to get there. You can now create those favorite Asian meals in your own home and it's easier than you think.

Look forward to meeting you at this class...

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  1. Eleanor gave me a packet of CURRY SIMPLE, Gourmet Yellow Curry Sauce to try.
    In a pinch for dinner one night, I dragged some frozen shrimp out of the freezer, stir fried them, plonked some of the Curry Simple Sauce on top, sprinkled on a bit of fresh Cilantro for color and presentation - Surprise! It was not just good, but delicious.
    I perused the ingredients thinking there must be a catch....nope, no inedible scary stuff. I promptly ran to Whole Foods to get more sauce varieties. Can't wait to try the Green Curry Sauce. Hmm, maybe with some stir friend thinly sliced sirloin. Could work!
    There is quite a bit of sauce in each packet, so I freeze extra in little tupperware containers to use at at a later date. Why waste.


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