Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Lunch Tips

Today's Lunch, all from leftovers: chick pea curry, stir fried toufu, Sakaya's Kitchen's coconut rice; field green salad (see tip 2 below); orange segments for dessert.

Trick is to balance your protein/carb to keep your energy UP! I'm not a nutritionist but on the cusp of diabetes (inherited from my mom), so I have to be vigilant! But this applies to anyone.

Tip one: shop for seasonal veggies so you get the freshest & best quality

Tip two: buy a variety of salad fixings like field greens, baby spinach leaves, grape tomatoes, radishes, red onions, hothouse cucumbers(American ones have lots of tough seeds, after scooping out there's no flesh left!)

Tip three: texture can be pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pine nuts

Tip four: Always bring home leftovers from restaurants no matter how teeny they are! I hate wasting food (I can hear my mom)

Tip Five: make a jar of salad dressing which lasts a whole week! (simple: good mustard, olive oil, balsamic or rice vinegar or fresh lime juice, salt, fresh cracked black pepper, thwack a garlic clove) Put lid on, shake, Done!!!

Satisfying with variety, color, texture, spice - Easy, Enjoy, YUM!

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