Monday, November 15, 2010

Hong Kong Market

Store inside 2 market buildings in Kowloon City, my mom's favorite place to shop. We've been coming here since I was young. My mom has a one-on-one relationship with these vendors! There's a 'wet' market for seafood, meat and one with 'dry' market for seasonings, sauces, dried goods, eggs, etc.

Talk about fresh seafood. Asians like to see them swimming!

Look at the choice of just shrimp alone.
You're overwhelmed with choices of seasonings and sauces!
Preserved mustard greens, great to make soup with pork or duck, yum.
Wide choice of leafy veggies. So fresh, you can SMELL them.
Daily fresh noodles, made from rice or with egg.
Dried shrimp, squid, octopus, clams to put in soups, stews.

Dried nuts and beans.

I miss all the variety and choice available in Hong Kong markets, why can't we have it here in Miami?! It would make our dinners so much more interesting, no? This is only a tiny portion of the HUGE market but just wanted to give you an idea.

I can't complain, at least we have a few Asian markets that do carry quite a lot of goodies including Asian veggies.


  1. I ask the same question re Melbourne!!

  2. Is this market at Kowloon Tong? That's the only one I have been to. But I can only ogle at the fresh produce... but I did get some very good quality salted fish :)

  3. Kimberly, we do have Asian markets but have only small range of fresh Asian veggies, better than nothing.

    Shirley, this market is in Kowloon City, it's probably one you went to. Don't think there's one in Kln Tong, I lived in that area growing up. Thx for dropping by my blog.


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