Friday, July 22, 2011

Sakaya Kitchen Nails Korean Banchan

My trip to Hong Kong made me so homesick for Asian food, the first place I wanted to go was Sakaya Kitchen. Richard Hales nails Korean flavors down, he sent over Banchan (little pickled dishes like kimchi, bean sprouts, cucumbers, toufu to go with Bulgogi BBQ.) They're not on the menu, he made them special for me, thanks Richard!!!  I'm working on a blog post and video of Sakaya, so overdue. I've been going since day one and now he and Jenny have 2 adorable kids and 2 food trucks as well, not sure how he juggles it all.  Keep up the good work Richard.
My friend had chicken with salad, so tender.
Banchan which is little pickled dishes like: (clockwise) kimchi, toufu, bean sprouts, cucumber to go with Bulgogi BBQ.
One of my fav at Sakaya Kitchen is Spicy Dae Ji pork tenderloin with coconut rice & buttered broccoli. It encompasses all the flavors that make me think of Asia!
These are the most delicious scallions bathed in soy, vinegar and secret ingredients, yum.
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