Saturday, August 6, 2011

Asian Jerky Pork Omelet

I'm loving Little Red Dot Kitchen's Jerky Pork. The only problem is whenever I'm hungry, it's such a perfect little protein hit, I end up stealing from the stash before I get a chance to use it in a stir fry noodle dish!


My fav is the BBQ Jerky Pork which come in slices. In Asia, we like to warm it up before devouring. Naturally my wok is the best way to do that on low heat.


I had a perfectly ripe, creamy, juicy mango to go with my special Bak Kwa (BBQ Jerky Pork) and some Florida strawberries. Don't you love how mango is presented? So pretty and slurp-ready.


Succulent BBQ Jerky Pork morsels with red sweet mini Peppers and scallion were a wonderful mix in our omelet.


I crave savory when I'm hungry, and these slices are so handy, I just slip into my handbag! There are so MANY ways to enjoy this delightful Asian Jerky Pork, can't wait to use in a noodle dish. Thank you Little Red Dot Kitchen for bringing a bit of Asia to us in America! Visit their site for some outrageous creations with ice cream or macarons??!!! It's freshly made, so get your own stash!

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