Friday, January 7, 2011

Hearty Soup, toufu puffs

Nice chill tonight, perfect for end of the week to clear my fridge!

I started off wanting soup, had some chicken broth, mushroom juice as base. Put this in my cast iron wok! Perfect vessel to do this.

I knew I was going to cook a few different batches, so a wide area is perfect to scoop out.

Cooked up whole wheat penne & put in two soup bowls.

Added to soup: mui choy leftovers from pork belly, toufu & toufu puffs. Scooped out & put over penne in bowls.

Then added to soup: leftover veggies with eggplant & rapini. Last minute, added in fresh bok choy & scallions.

Poured all veggies & soup over toufu, puffs & penne. Done! Yummy. Comfort food made from leftovers!!!

See how versatile a wok can be!

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