Monday, January 3, 2011

Pork Belly, Soba, Bok Choy

Just sunk my teeth into my first bite of this pork belly, heaven, ummmmm!!!

Mom would be proud, it was one of my dad's favorite Hakka dishes.

Tender but still had texture with all the right flavors, oh forgot to mention the mui choy (preserved mustard greens.) Exactly how I remembered it. I skipped marinating prior to searing, didn't have time, so very pleased it turned out just how I like it!

Can't believe how easy it was to make, it's finding this cut! They don't always have it here in Miami.

Stir fried bok choy, snow peas & grape tomatoes. Already had cold soba. Perfect complement.

Will post technique soon, so EASY, please come back.

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  1. If you have a Korean market close buy they usually have pork belly. But sometimes it already cut into thiner strips for BBQ.

  2. can you provide me with the recipe for the Pork Belly?
    Happy New Year 2011!


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