Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stir Fry Gas Stove: Tips & Techniques

If you purchased my Wok Star Kit with round bottom cast iron wok and using with the Stir Fry Gas Stove set up, here are handy tips to get you started. If you have an electric stove and wished you have gas, this little Stir Fry Stove is the answer! It's cheap and portable, I explain all the reasons why this is the perfect solution for wok cooking!

If you're having "problems", I've got a few things for you to try below. I put them in quotes because they were not a problem, just folks aren't used to using it when it's new.


Left is ON & OFF lever. Right is IGNITION, FLAME adjuster.
1. Take the red cap off the cartridge. Open the flap on the right of stove. Align cartridge with BIG ARROW and notch to a flat steel sticking out on the stove. Push left lever down to ON. You'll see the cartridge move forward into the rod.
2. Turn round switch firmly to the left all the way down hard till you hear a CLICK sound. This ignites and starts the flame. Close the flap when cooking.

3. Start heating your wok on high heat but you can adjust flame height with this switch. When done cooking, flip left lever to OFF to release the cartridge.

1. If you don't hear your food sizzling in your wok, it means your gas is LOW.
Always buy a batch of refills so you're never out in your Wok Star moment, ha!

2. Remove your portable gas stove if you set it on top of your electric stove when you use your broiler or oven to prevent the heat from ruining the bottom of your portable stove.

3. I noticed some of you set your stove on your counter which is fine, just make sure you don't have it too close to any overhead cabinets or curtains!

4. I prefer setting my portable stove on my electric stove because the overhead vent will still work right above your wok. Remember, leave your wok and stove setup OUT at all times so it's convenient. If you keep putting away, it becomes an obstacle to cook.


Please be patient. I've had someone tell me 3 handy guys couldn't get the stove to work but I took one look and could see the cartridge was not aligned. It came on like a charm. It's a matter of practice and using it.

1. If your stove is not igniting when you turn the dial:
Are you turning the dial all the way down hard to the left till you hear a CLICK? If you don't use it often, you may not remember how to turn it on, it happens.

2. Is there "gas" in your cartridge?
Shake it, if you cannot hear any swishing in the can, you may be low, so there's not enough pressure to start the burner. Buy new cartridge and get a few so you have some backup.
3. Is your cartridge aligned with the steel rod sticking out? See above.
If it's not aligned properly and you flip the lever down, it won't turn on because it's a safety catch.

4. If you've done all the above and still doesn't work? See above.
Simply press the 'reset' red button just ONCE on the LEFT side of the cartridge looking at it front on. Viola!

Please try these before you call me, not because I don't want to talk to you but so you don't feel pressure.

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